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Restoring your Chakras with Essential Oils

Restoring your Chakras with Essential Oils

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There is deep wisdom within our very flesh if we can only come to our senses and feel it.”  ~

Elizabeth A. Behnke

What are Chakras?

The chakras are so important to your health and well being. Let me say that again. The chakras are SO important to your health and well being. The word Chakra means wheel in Sanskirt and in my 7 Chakras Explained post, I explained that the chakras come from an ancient tradition that is linked with the science and practice of yoga.  

Different vertebrae are related to different chakras based on the spinal nerves.  The chakras are gateways between different dimensions where the activity of one connects and plays on another.  They are symbolic patterns of our own mental and physical programming.

Blocked or stuck energy in our body can lead to anxiety, exhaustion, or illness. When we understand how energy moves throughout the seven points along our spines and how they are connected to our essential ways of being, we can learn to care for our Chakras just like we do with other parts of our bodies.

But what can you do when one or more of your Chakras are out of balance? I’ve been researching using essential oils to restore your Chakras.

To achieve balance in all areas of your life, your Chakras should be balanced, in alignment and syncing just right. Essential oils can help you achieve that balance.

Aromatic plant essential oils can influence the body, mind, and spirit and they can be adapted to promote balanced chakra functioning. The idea is to apply activating essential oils to energize sluggish Chakra function or calming oils to quiet over-active ones.  (Make sure before using any essential oil directly on your skin, you dilute it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil). It’s also a good idea to do a small skin test and wait for 24 hours to eliminate potential allergies.

Carrier Oil - Coconut Oil
Carrier Oil, Coconut Oil

What are essential oils?

Essential oils have been around for centuries and are making a comeback into our modern day lives. Use these oils in addition to other tools like yoga, to help bring balance to your chakra system. When choosing to use an essential oil you want to use essential oils that are known to be skin safe and that are shown to help balance the chakra that you want to focus upon and clear. 

An essential oil is a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or another source from which it is extracted. They are widely used in aromatherapy. You might smell them, rub them on your skin, or put them in your bath. Popular essential oils include lavender, chamomile, and rosewater. 

Note: Essential oils don’t feel oily; they are called “oils” because they contain the oil-soluble chemicals in the plant (usually 100 to 200 chemicals per essential oil). This makeup gives essential oils their therapeutic properties and explains why different essential oils may have similar effects.

Essential Oils Chakra Kit

Essential Oil Chakra Synergy Kit | TheYogaChick.com
7 piece Chakra Synergy Roll-on kit

I received an essential oil Chakra kit from a local PR company and I have to say I was impressed. Plant Therapy Essential Oils sent me a no-strings-attached 7-Oil Chakras Synergy set that is designed to help balance your natural energy system (your chakras).

Normally you want to dilute an essential oil with a carrier oil before you put it on your skin as I discussed above, but the Chakra Synergy set is a roll-on oil set and each individual roll on the bottle has already been diluted with coconut oil. This actually makes it faster to apply and go. I have used it multiple times since receiving it.

The kit came with a Chakra guide as well as an essential oil roll on for each Chakra. The Chakras are base of the spine, lower abdomen, solar plexus, sternum, throat, the center of the forehead (third eye), and top of the head (crown).

This particular kit includes frankincense, rhododendron, lavender, spearmint, coriander seed, grapefruit pink, cardamom, and more.

Essential Oils for Chakras Unboxing

Other Ways to use Essential Oils to Restore Chakras

Applying essential oil to the throat chakra
Applying the roll-on directly to my throat chakra

While it’s true that essential oil in a roll-on tube can be applied directly to the skin and topically is the most common method of using essential oils, there are other ways to practice aromatherapy with essential oils. You can use them in a diffuser, or dilute the oil in tea or water. You can also ingest these oils in capsule form.

I’ve been to a few yoga classes where during savasana, the yoga instructor comes around and lets the class inhale an essential oil. You can also do this at home by inhaling directly from an open bottle or by rubbing a drop of oil between your palms and breathing in the aroma. (I also use essential oils when cleaning my yoga mat).

No matter which method you choose you to use, there is no doubt that practicing daily awareness of your Chakra balances allows energy to flow more smoothly, improving your mood and energy. 

You can pick up a Chakra Synergies essential oil kit from Amazon. This is the coconut oil (carrier oil).

Restoring Your Chakras with Essential Oils | TheYogaChick.com

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Some links on my website may be affiliate links and I may earn revenue from purchases as a result of buying something through those links.


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